[XeTeX] cmyk problem

Tilman Hannemann tilmanh at uni-bremen.de
Thu Jun 18 19:51:21 CEST 2009

Dear William,

Am 18.06.2009 um 18:40 schrieb William Adams:

> \usepackage[xetex]{color}
> and commands like to:
> \newcommand{\cmykwhite}[1]{\special{color push}\special{color cmyk  
> 0 0 0 0}#1\special{color pop}}%

Thank you four your response. I tried this definition in my document  
(minimal example below).

> (though the above definition may have issues

like these warnings from my log?

** WARNING ** Interpreting special command push (color) failed.
** WARNING ** >> at page="1" position="(107.398, 759.621)" (in PDF)
** WARNING ** >> xxx "color push"

There is no color change at all in the output file.

I also get one more unexpected message when running this with my  
working file:

** WARNING ** You've mistakenly made a global color change within  
nested colors. <-- I cannot see how. It occurs apparently in this line:

\textarab[trans]{\newcolor{wa}-huwa} & \textarab[fullvoc]{\newcolor 
{wa-}huwa} & \textcolor{magenta}{und} er\\

Is it possible to investigate in what produces these warnings -- and  
prevents the color change???

Best, TH

--- example



\newcommand{\newcolor}[1]{\special{color push}\special{color cmyk 0 1  
0 0}#1\special{color pop}}%




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