[XeTeX] Xetex and Komascript Compatibility

teginch at bluewin.ch teginch at bluewin.ch
Mon Jun 15 10:56:03 CEST 2009

>De: Peter_Dyballa at web.de
>Am 13.06.2009 um 08:11 schrieb Thomas Gyger:
>> Overfull \hbox (2.44427pt too wide) in paragraph at lines 20--21
>Using the geometry package you could adjust the text width by  
>2.44427pt (0,859 mm, make it 1) ...

The problem is that I have an overfull hbox warning every 2 pages in a 150 pages document and the number of warning 
changes when I change the textwidth.

>De: grammel at gmx.net


>I've never had to handle any french texts, but many other mainly  

>skandnavian languages -- I really don't think, that this is causing  

>your problems.

After some tests during the week-end, also with german text, I agree with your remark. I have also observed that the 
problem with overfull hboxes seems to be more related to the XeTeX/XeLaTex environment, than to KOMAScript. I have 
tried to play with the textwidth (without loading KOMA stuff) and I have observed that XeLaTex tends to produce 
significantly more overfull hbox warnings than LaTex for the same (french or german) text sample. With XeLaTex, the 
amount of warnings also varies with fonts (Garamond is less sensitive than Minion).

So finally, I need to do some more reading to better understand Xelatex typesetting mechanism and the parameters I can 
play with. All in all, my impression is that Xelatex typesetting of paragraphs with latin fonts is not yet as robust as 
Latex. This is not meant as a critique, I just try to understand and hopefully to bring my 2cents in for improvements 
some day.

>But you should try to replace the typographically "wrong" apostrophe '  

>in your text with ’.


This detail escaped my attention. Thanks for the remark. Using the typographically correct apostrophes brings already 
some improvement, without solving the problem.

>De: news3 at nililand.de

>> \usepackage{xunicode} 

>> \usepackage{fontspec} 

>> \usepackage{xltxtra}	


>It is not necessary to load xunicode + fontspec, xltxtra will do it.

>But it you load the packages, load fontspec *before* xunicode. 

Thanks for the remark. I'll load only xltxtra in the future.


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