[XeTeX] Xetex and Komascript Compatibility

Florian Grammel grammel at gmx.net
Sat Jun 13 11:17:44 CEST 2009

>>> BTW, you're writing in a simple Latin-based left-to-right script  
>>> and language. There is no real necessity to use experimental  
>>> XeLaTeX, ripe pdfTeX based LaTeX will work as well ...
>> Actually XeTeX has been very reliable for quite some time now. And  
>> there loads of really good reasons to use it for latin script- 
>> languages as well, easy font-handling being the first thing that  
>> comes to my mind ...
> Perfectly agree with you. May I ask you wether you use this  
> combination only for english texts or also other languages. The  
> problem seems to arise especially with french texts in my case. But  
> I will have to do some tests with other languages.

I've never had to handle any french texts, but many other mainly  
skandnavian languages -- I really don't think, that this is causing  
your problems.

But you should try to replace the typographically "wrong" apostrophe '  
in your text with ’. As far as I can see, the ' prevents babel/ 
polyglossia from recognizing the words and thus they are not  
hyphenated correctly, giving you the many overful boxes. When I do  
this, I can typeset your example in twocolumn-mode whithout any  

KOMA is obviously not handling ' as an apostroph -- whether this is a  
bug or a (typographic) feature, I dare not say. Might be you'd like to  
contact Markus Kohm about this?


Florian Grammel

Gentofte, Denmark

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