[XeTeX] Junicode font, version 0.6.16

Peter Baker psb6m at virginia.edu
Wed Jun 3 01:27:18 CEST 2009

These come from the Ubuntu repository, not from the SourceForge server: 
I wouldn't expect them to be updated to the current version until Ubuntu 
9.10 appears--at earliest. What I do is just to ignore the Ubuntu 
version of Junicode and some other fonts I want to stay current with, 
and either install them in my own account or somewhere in 
/usr/share/fonts/ (and then run fc-cache to make them visible to the 


Pander wrote:
> Hi all,
> Ubuntu's ttf-junicode package comes with also four condensed .ttf files
> for Junicode. Where do these originate (download) and do these also come
> in a 0.6.16 release?
> Thanks,
> Pander
> Peter Baker wrote:
>> This is the first new release of Junicode, the font for medievalists
>> (and others), since 1977.
>> This release contains fixes of several bugs, improved coverage of the
>> Medieval Unicode Font Initiative (MUFI) character set (though this is
>> not yet complete). Most of the medievalist Unicode characters recently
>> added in Latin Extended D and other ranges have been added. Many of
>> these were already in the Private Use Area; the PUA characters remain
>> for now, but users should begin to adopt the new, more standard
>> encodings. The regular face currently contains 5870 glyphs; the italic,
>> bold and bold italic faces are much less complete, though an effort is
>> being made to make the italic face match the regular where appropriate.
>> The design of several glyphs has been revised; those who prefer the old
>> design should turn on "Style Set 9" in an OpenType-aware application.
>> On the technical side, OpenType support has been improved and extended.
>> TrueType instructions have been supplied for all glyphs: these are a mix
>> of "auto-hints" added by FontForge and instructions written by hand.
>> There are still feature requests that I have not gotten to yet; I'll
>> work on these for the next release.
>> Junicode is a SourceForge project: get it at
>> http://junicode.sourceforge.net/. By request, the current version has
>> also been uploaded to CTAN; I'm not sure how soon it will be available
>> for download there.
>> Best wishes to all,
>> Peter Baker

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