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Hello Nicolas

You shouldn't use them for Latin either!  They're often found in old editions but are deplored nowadays on linguistic grounds:  quite different from æ in Old English or Danish, say.  OK, of course, if you're reproducing an early edition for some reason, but if you are just citing a text that happened to be printed with the ligatures in the old edition you are using, normal scholarly practice would be to give it without the ligatures.

Yannis (hint - PLEASE let me have my font book back!) has put you right re French. We might add the diaeresis to separate the vowel sounds in that language:   Moët & Chandon.


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  I need them not for French, but for Latin.
  Anyway, thanks for the information. I didn't know that.

  2009/6/2 Yannis Haralambous <yannis.haralambous at telecom-bretagne.eu>

    You want to use œ, so I guess you will be writing in French. Be careful because œ is not a ligature, it is a digraph, and there are words with oe letters, not ligatured:

    bœuf, cœur, sœur, œuvre but moelleux, Goethe, coefficient, coexistence, etc.

    So it better should not be automatic...

    Le 2 juin 09 à 17:00, Nicolas Vaughan a écrit :

      Dear all,
      Is there a way I can get automatically the "ae", "Ae", "oe" and "Oe" ligatures in XeLaTeX, without the need of looking for the glyphs in the unicode table?
      Many thanks!
      Nicolas Vaughan

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