[XeTeX] Minimal files needed for XeLaTeX package to run on Windows

Arash Zeini azeini at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 15 01:01:43 CEST 2009


I apologise for the off-topic post, but since my question is related to this thread I thought I might post it here:

I am wondering whether any scripts exist for the reverse process? I would like to convert my xelatex and ledmac based critical edition to TEI. To be more specific: I would like to convert the text and the critical apparatus to TEI and wonder whether this has been done before?


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> Subject: [XeTeX] Minimal files needed for XeLaTeX package to run on Windows
> Hello,
> I have an XML-based way of writing linguistic papers and have been working on 
> writing some XSLT transforms that will convert the XML to XeLaTeX. The idea is 
> that an author will create the XML-based linguistic paper and then at the press 
> of a button, a PDF will be produced.  The process for producing this PDF 
> includes converting the XML to XeLaTeX and then running xelatex to produce the 
> PDF.
> For my testing, I've gratefully used the MiKTeX package for Windows 
> (http://miktex.org/2.7/setup).  Since the people using my XML-based way of 
> writing linguistic papers will only be concerned with getting the generated PDF 
> and will not be wanting to have all the capabilities that the MiKTeX package 
> provides, I'd like to create a streamlined installation package that includes 
> only the files needed for this particular application.  That is, I do not want 
> to have to tell my users that they need to download 80MB worth of MiKTeX when 
> they will not need the vast majority of those 80MBs.
> So my question is, "What is the minimum set of files needed to run xelatex on a 
> Windows machine?"  Some other important factors in this issue are that the users 
> may use just about any Unicode Windows font (so the package has to include the 
> appropriate programs for dealing with these) and the generated XeLaTeX file also 
> uses these packages:
> booktabs
> co

> hyperref
> longtable
> multirow
> needspace
> tabularx
> xltxtra
> Thus, the installation package will need to include the appropriate files for 
> these.
> Finally, are there any licensing issues that must be addressed in creating such 
> a streamlined installation package?
> Thank you very much for any help you can give in this task.
> --Andy


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