[XeTeX] Mono-spaced fonts problem solved?

Jonathan Kew jfkthame at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 14 21:31:18 CEST 2009

On 14 Jul 2009, at 20:09, Luisa wrote:

> Hi guys!
> I've been noticing strange behaviour of xetex when using monospaced  
> fonts, actually, the offending behaviour only raises when   
> puncuation signs are present, it looks like xetex's adding extra  
> space for them.
> I begun looking on the net for this, finding reports of the same  
> problem within this same mailing list, but without solution a priori.
> So I wanted to ask if this has been solved already, or is it that  
> the ones which have asked this are doing something wrong?
> Among other things, I've tried enabling frenchspacing, and even  
> producing similiar texts with inkscape and plain tex at the  
> beginign, so as to check the problem is not in the font itself  
> (tried with different mono fonts anyway), etc.

It's hard to be sure exactly what you mean without seeing an example,  
but this sounds like it might be a font-metrics bug in the xdvipdfmx  
driver, which was fixed in the source a month or so ago. So the  
version that ships with TeX Live 2009 (currently being tested in  
preparation for release) should solve this.


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