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Vafa Khalighi vafa at users.berlios.de
Tue Jul 14 17:01:56 CEST 2009

Hi Father

Hi Vafa:
> Thanks for the update for your various packages ... and I'm sorry to hear
> that you're ill. I will ask the monks here to pray for your recovery.

Thanks heaps. I appreciate your kindness.

> One question I have, although it's not a pressing need: will bidi work in
> tables with the memoir class? There's usually a warning message that says:
>  Package bidi Warning: You are using the package array (or the memoir
>> class).
>>  Unfortunately right-to-left tabular environments are not
>>  yet supported with the array package..
The current version of bidi package will support all tabular packages such
as standard latex tabular, tabulary, tabularx, array, stabular, supertabular
and a few others. The warning has been removed. But if you typeset a table
in RTL mode, you might get a warning saying \overfull hbox or something like
that when you are using array package with the bidi package. Please note
that bidi should be the last package you load. Now I also have written a
modified version of the memoir class (bidimemoir). So if your intention is
to write a full document in RTL, you should use bidimemoir class but if you
just want to write some pieces of texts RTL and not the whole document, you
can use memoir class.

> At present, I'm not trying to use RTL (Arabic) in a table ... but I'd like
> to in future.

That is ok. You can use RTL in tables any time. We support all tabular
packages in this version of bidi. But due to xetex limitations, if you use
longtable in RTL mode, unfortunately your table can not be broken when you
have reached end of the page.

> Thanks for all your assistance.

No worries.

Best Wishes,
Vafa  Khalighi

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