[XeTeX] Problematic TOC

Meho R. meho_r at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 14 12:02:11 CEST 2009

Hi everyone

The problem is as follows: my TOC is stuck on the first page (get in the bottom margin and the rest of it isn't display). I noticed that there is no error messages, just couple of warnings I hope someone can interpret. I noticed that an additional empty page is created too, just before the page TOC starts at. If you include only first two docs I provided so the TOC is less than a page long, that empty page is gone and everything is fine. But if you include the third doc or even include some of them twice, you get cut-off TOC.

I provide complete example for reproducing the problem as well as .pdf with my results.

I'm using TeXLive 2008, updated, on Ubuntu 9.04.

Any advice will be appreciated.

Meho R.

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