[XeTeX] Solved math issue --- new issue

Nicolas Vaughan nivaca at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 00:07:32 CEST 2009

I uncommented the following line from unicode-math.sty:

\AtBeginDocument{\setmathfont[Range=ALL]{Cambria Math}},

and it all worked fine!

Is it supposed to be commented? The problem is that, even if add
Math} in my source,I only get Cambria Math.

Now I got another issue, this time with url.sty. With this code:

\setmathfont{Asana Math}
  \setromanfont[Mapping=tex-text]{Minion Pro}
  \setsansfont{Myriad Pro}
  \setmonofont{Liberation Mono}
  $ A \subseteq B $.
  \[ \{ B =  x : \exists a \in \mathbb{N}. \}\]
  \url{nivaca at gmail.com <url%7Bnivaca at gmail.com>}\\
  \texttt{nivaca at gmail.com <texttt%7Bnivaca at gmail.com>}

I get a problem with the \url{nivaca at gmail.com
<url%7Bnivaca at gmail.com>}command, but not with the
\texttt{nivaca at gmail.com <texttt%7Bnivaca at gmail.com>} one.
Is there any known incompatibility between url.sty and XeTeX? I don't
remember having any troubles before, though...


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