[XeTeX] Typesetting a Bible

Thomas Thackery tthackery at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 03:05:33 CEST 2009

At risk of open criticism, I am just going to post my questions since  
I'm not getting anywhere on a personal project.  I'm presuming that  
(Xe)LaTeX is a good tool for this.
I want to typeset single column Bible text with numbered footnotes in  
two columns.  I would first like to try this with Latin characters  
(e.g. in German or English) before attempting something more complex.

To save time, quite frankly, here is an example of the kind of layout  
I am after:

Main Text
Chapter numbering: I've looked at Dirk-Jan Dekker's (http://www.djdekker.net/ledmac/ 
) site for help on versification, but I don't know how I would produce  
the chapter numbers as in the example above.
Verse numbering: I can get versification, but am unsure if Dirk-Jan  
Dekker's method is the best for the job.   On this note, I tried  
inserting ~ for a non-breaking space after a verse number and the text  
beginning, but still get linebreaks after the verse number.
Chapter & verse ranges in a header (I'll use fancyhdr I presume though  
this will tricky with chapt & verse I would imagine)

I've been manipulating ledmac, and can I can get critical notes  
\edtext{}\Afootnotes{} to appear in columns, but what I'd really like  
is to have the regular footnotes in two columns. In the example above,  
the footnote numbering begins with 1 at a page break.  Section 22.6  
shows how to define for critical notes, but I don't see how to define  
for regular \footnote that would appear in two columns.

If anyone has examples of something close to this I would love to see  


PS I do have a very klugey .tex file (attached) that reflects some of  
what I'm trying out.

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