[XeTeX] index' proofmode and ledmac (OT)

Florian Grammel grammel at gmx.net
Sun Jul 5 15:17:47 CEST 2009

>> Some of the footnotes in the critical apparatus are very long, a few
>> even filling more than one page. If I understand ledmac's manual
>> correctly (do I?) paragraphed footnotes can never be broken across  
>> two
>> pages.
> Not a technical solution but as a user of critical editions I don't  
> like
> very long footnotes interrupting the reading of the text. Why not  
> put your
> long footnote / essay at the end of your edition in a 'Supplementary  
> notes'
> section with cross-references to the text.

I'm afarid we are talking about two completely different concepts:
The sort of footnotes I'm referring to, is the critical apparatus
of a scholarly text-edition, where the editor has little influence on  
how long the notes are getting. Endnotes/appendices are only an option  
in very few cases, as it is one main point to make all the relevant  
textual information easily available.

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Florian Grammel

Gentofte, Denmark

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