[XeTeX] Bug report: How to use Chinese Font HYCuSongJ in XeTeX? (mathmhb at gmail)

mathmhb@gmail mathmhb at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 00:37:49 CEST 2009

Many thanks to everyone answing my question!

According to Apostolos Syropoulos's post, it seems that this font itself  
has really an invalid fontname; but why fc-cache does not complain this?

So I have an idea to enhance fc-cache or XeTeX further: how about to  
provide certain options (via command line or configuration file) to let  
the users using alias font name for some specified TTF file? I guess this  
feature will be much useful to help people to exchange XeTeX tex files  
because we need not worry too much on using fonts which are not installed  
and we can map the document fonts to some installed fonts instead without  
changing the document itself.

And I still wonder that why my other Chinese fonts (which also have some  
non-ascii name) can work well with XeTeX without modifying the fonts. And  
in fact I can use the non-ascii name (Unicoded font name) directly in  
XeTeX. For this special case, why can I use the non-ascii font name? Is it  
because the unicoded font name contains special char like "?" or else?

As to Steve Peter's post, my understanding is that the font composer can  
impose some limitations to the users so as to disable using it with XeTeX  
or PdfTeX or other TeX engines, is it so? I hope I can clarify this issue  
and I may not believe that XeTeX can only use commercial fonts although I  
am not sure HYCuSongJ is really commercial.

Thanks to any answers for my question!

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