[XeTeX] Can txfonts and fontspec be used at the same time?

Gareth Hughes garzohugo at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 12:14:57 CET 2009

Andrew Moschou wrote:
> The txfonts package actually doesn't have its own "Times" font. It uses
> Nimbus Roman No 9L, which you can load through fontspec. It might be found
> in texmf-dist/fonts/type1/urw/times.

Yes! If you follow that directory path, you'll see that what is called
'Times' and 'Helvetica' are actually look-alikes. If you use the
commands below, the same fonts as txfonts will be used:

\setmainfont{Nimbus Roman No9 L}
\setsansfont{Nimbus Sans L}


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