[XeTeX] adding a carriage return character to a PDF annotation

Pablo Rodríguez oinos at web.de
Tue Dec 29 00:03:53 CET 2009

Hello Ross,

On 12/28/2009 10:15 PM, Ross Moore wrote:
>> [...]
>> And I would like to add a new line between the first and second line in
>> the annotation text.
>> (Copying and pasting the character doesn't change anything. Either
>> ^^00^^0D, ^^00^^0d, \u0d or \u0x0D work. It seems that the character
>> should be written in utf-8 directly [but experts in this list should
>> know more and much better than myself].)
> You can use Octal codes  \xxx  for this.
> The difficulty is getting that initial backslash character '\'
> because of its special meaning in TeX.
> [...]
> However, if you load the  {hyperref}  package, there are
> better ways to solve this kind of problem, and many many more.
> [...]
> The \pdfstringdef  copes with all of TeX's special character uses,
> apart from  '{' , '}' and '\'  which need to be given in octal.
> For this the macro \0 creates the correct '\' followed by '0' ,
> so is the easiest way to provide the octal representation of
> any ascii character.

\pdfstringdef seems a better option for me too. I use hyperref in the
real document.

> Hope this helps,

Thank you very much for fast reply and your help.

Best wishes for 2010,


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