[XeTeX] Comments on use of font licenses text copy?

Kārlis Repsons karlis.repsons at gmail.com
Sat Dec 26 16:00:56 CET 2009

perhaps someone can help with a fonts-related legal question, as this is the 
best place I know for asking (sorry if seems too far from tematics of list):
living in this strange world I'm pretty unsure, if I may safely copy texts of 
the following font licenses as references and examples in my own work.

SIL_OFL_11 (should be no problem, but I've seen nobody granting that)
GUST_Font_License (well, ok, this one I don't doubt much I can)

World is strange, because, not being a lawyer, in many www pages I read: "All 
rights reserved", however, I doubt if all of the visitors are supposed to ask 
first, if they may actually look at the content, which they are presented 

Logically it seems, that it'd be crazy to forbid anyone saving a copy of his 
own agreements with some party, but what about a case, when there is some 
entity handing them out automatically and I just consider the agreement 
without being bound by it, as in this case?

*] Well, ok, wikipedia makes me guess, I have to read my country's copyright 
law, but anyway, as a plain text I can't like that notice or see it in other 
way. Most people have never red the law either, and thus have no truly logical 
reason not to live in fear whenever any tiny bit of such page is used.
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