[XeTeX] "if" tests for italic / bold into new command?

Andrew Moschou andmos at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 14:07:41 CET 2009

My metalogo package mentions these:

\ifdim\fontdimen\@ne\font\z@ is true if the current font is not slanted.
\if b\expandafter\@car\f at series\@nil is true if the current font is bold.

Here's an example:



    Is upright
    Is italic or slanted
  \if b\expandafter\@car\f at series\@nil
    Is bold
    Is not bold

Something \test. \textit{Something \test.}

\bfseries Something \test. \textit{Something \test.}

It should be possible to to create new ifs based on these, say \ifbold and
\ifitalic, which I intend to put into the next update to metalogo.


2009/12/23 Kārlis Repsons <karlis.repsons at gmail.com>

> Not sure if XeTeX is very relevant, but maybe someone knows how could I
> make a
> new command, which has some if-then automations depending on if the
> specified
> font has italic or bold shapes?
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