[XeTeX] XeTex: can't use font

physik_tango wenger at wenger-lehrmittel.de
Tue Dec 15 16:53:34 CET 2009

Khaled Hosny schrieb:
> On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 02:48:01AM -0800, Michiel Kamermans wrote:
>> Peter Dyballa wrote:
>>>> Apparently not, the "latest" version under Ubuntu 9.10 ia texlive 2007.
>>> Then get the xdvipdfmx sources, compile, install, and use them!
>>> The bug is in xdvipdfmx, the utility which converts XeTeX's XDV
>>> output format to PDF.
>>> Or use a modern and flexible OS, one that is not meant as some
>>> year's fashion and after six months without support. TeX Live 2009
>>> comes with an update manager programme which allows you to stay
>>> up-to-date with what is published on CTAN, the Comprehensive TeX
>>> Archive Network. You can also install TL '09 and forget the
>>> ancient Ubuntu stuff (optionally freeing the disk from it).
>> Wow, slow down on the OS hatred there O_o
>> Anyway, Ubuntu and Debian have skipped TeX Live 2008, for whatever
>> reason, and they're trying to package TeX Live 2009 at the moment.
>> You have a few options: either compile a new version of xdvipdfmx,
>> remove your TeXLive install and manuall install textlive-full 2009
>> from the unstable package list
>> (http://packages.debian.org/unstable/tex/texlive-full), or run
>> another OS that does allow you to easily install TeX Live 2009
>> (either via a VM, as additional boot OS, or on a different machine
>> entirely).
> None sense, texlive installer works just fine here. I can't see in what
> sense Ubuntu doesn't allow you "to easily install TeX Live 2009".
> That said, having texlive 2009 would be nice, but I don't know any OS
> that provides official texlive 2009 packages right now (Fedora may be,
> not sure though).
> Regards,
>  Khaled
right now texlive 2009 is in Sidux.

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