[XeTeX] RTL (Arabic) preferred diacritics typing sequence

Juan Acevedo juan.acevedo.juan at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 12:50:02 CET 2009

Dear all,

I have unfortunately forgotten, and now fail to find the answer to this
basic RTL text question:

Talking about inputing Arabic Unicode text, what is the preferred input
typing sequence, to obtain a better final output?; here is a case:

The word "al-.hayyu" (لحيُّ) ends with ya-shadda-damma
No matter my typing sequence, the rendering will be the same (damma on top
of shadda), but I seem to remember that there is a preferred input sequence
that would prevent other problems like ligatures handling and so on.

Similar cases include combinations that involve shadda+tanwin combinations,
".hayyaN" (حيًّا)

I would be most grateful if someone can refer me to any text where this is
explained, maybe somewhere in the ICU User Guide?

Big thanks,
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