[XeTeX] bug in gloss-russian.ldf (polyglossia)

Vladimir Lomov lomov.vl at gmail.com
Mon Dec 14 12:34:53 CET 2009

Hi. I found small typo in gloss-russian.ldf. Patch file is attached.

Also I would like to suggest to remove lines
   \let\@Alph\russian at Alph%
   \let\@alph\russian at alph%

from '\russian at numbers' macro. This will mimics babel behaviour
(russianb.ldf from babel defines '\[Aa]sbuk' in the same way as
'\russian@[Aa]lph' is defined in gloss-russian.ldf. By
causes latin letters to be used for enumerate envorinment).
Or may be there is way to enable '\norussian at numbers' when document has
\usepackage[russian]{polyglossia} ?

Best w., Vladimir

I'm into SOFTWARE!
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--- gloss-russian.ldf.orig	2009-12-14 19:09:33.000000000 +0800
+++ gloss-russian.ldf	2009-12-14 19:02:16.000000000 +0800
@@ -145,12 +145,12 @@
 \def\russian at Alph#1{\ifcase#1\or
-   ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or
+   ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or
    ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or
    ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or
    ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\else\xpg at ill@value{#1}{russian at Alph}\fi}
 \def\russian at alph#1{\ifcase#1\or 
-   ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or
+   ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or
    ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or
    ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or
    ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\or ?\else\xpg at ill@value{#1}{russian at alph}\fi}

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