[XeTeX] John Hudson's talk on Scholarly types

Adam Twardoch (List) list.adam at twardoch.com
Thu Dec 10 03:51:58 CET 2009

John Hudson of Tiro Typeworks recently gave an excellent talk on
Scholarly Types at the Type[&]Design 2009 conference organized by DTL in
the Hague.

A recording of the talk has been published on Kaveh Bazargan's
invaluable River Valley resource:

The accompanying slides are available in PDF format at:

In his talk, John talks:
* about the SBL Hebrew typeface that is a Biblical Hebrew font
(available free of charge) developed by Tiro Typeworks for the Sociaty
of Biblical Linguists, which pushes the boundaries of the OpenType font
* about the Cambria Math font that Tiro Typeworks has developed with and
for Microsoft for the new mathematical engine that shipped with Office
2007 (and is also partially supported by XeTeX),
* and about Tiro's newest font that they are developing for Brill
Academic Publishers.

I thoroughly recommend this talk to anyone interested in academic,
scholarly or mathematical typesetting.

There is a number of talks on River Valley that you all might be
interested in watching as well, to get a broader picture of what is
going on in these fields.

Here they are:

* Ulrik Vieth “Understanding the æsthetic of math typesetting”

* Aditya Mahajan “ConTeXt math: Integrating Unicode and OpenType”

* Jonathan Kew “What’s new in the XeTeX world?”

* Daniel Rhatigan “Three typefaces for mathematics”

* Johannes Küster “Minion Math — The Design of a New Math Font Family”

* Simon Prais “Hebrew typography: reflections of a Latin type”



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