[XeTeX] Pardon me for asking a PGF/TIKZ question here

Alan Jones ajones394 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 15:24:09 CET 2009


I am trying to center a picture that I created using XFig. I converted
this fig to trikz file using fig2tikz tool. I am unable to center this
Fig in the document. I also exported the image from Xfig as a PDF
file. I am unable to center the PDF file also. The source code for the
Tikz script is as follows.

% objects at depth 50:
\path[rounded corners=6.3bp,draw=black,ultra thick,fill=fillColor]
(18,7.9) rectangle (0,-0.1);
\path (8.2,1.8) node[text=white,anchor=base]
{\fontsize{32.0}{38.4}\selectfont{}\bfseries The LaTeX Book Skeleton};
\path (8.5,3.5) node[text=white,anchor=base]
{\fontsize{28.0}{33.6}\selectfont{}\sffamily By};
\path (8.4,5.3) node[text=white,anchor=base]
{\fontsize{28.0}{33.6}\selectfont{}\sffamily D.J.D. Dodotoson};

Why isn't the tikz or the pdf image not getting centered.

Thanks for your help.


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