[XeTeX] Problem with fonts

hh hh-brasil at bol.com.br
Sun Aug 30 11:18:00 CEST 2009

I prefer files which do not use rapidshare. Not opened.

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> Hello,
> I am using XeTex with TexLive and Lyx since I need to use many otf anf ttf
> fonts. Somehow though I am not able to have them appear on the final pdf.
> Here is a link with the fonts, the lyx file (I think opening it with a
> normal text editor will show you the tex code) and the resulting pdf:
> http://rs96l3.rapidshare.com/cgi-bin/upload.cgi?rsuploadid=253444271478689180
> While here is a pdf font of the same example but made with Open Office
> Writer:
> http://rapidshare.com/files/272914989/the_same_with_OO.pdf.html
> Cheers
> Ps the font names are Times Ext Roman (.ttf, both in Ubuntu and Windows),
> Hiragino Mincho Pro (.otf, in Ubuntu) or HiraMinPro-W6 (.otf, in Windows),
> Mojikyo M119 (.ttf, both Ubuntu and Windows)

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