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Sat Aug 29 17:38:23 CEST 2009

Gareth Hughes wrote:
> I've noticed that there a lot of decent, free Unicode fonts available,
> some of which have interesting OpenType features to play with with
> XeTeX. I've put together the following PDF as a general guide and would
> like any suggestions or comments from the list. The PDF can be
> downloaded from:


A while ago, I have compiled a similar list as of Delicious bookmarks:

Note that the fonts I've included are "gratis" (i.e. available free of
charge) but are sometimes tied to a particular operating system or
application license.

Regarding your list:

I think the use of the word "free" can be confusing and misunderstood by
some people. There are people in the community who think of "free" as
being "gratis", i.e. available free of charge, while others think of
"free" as "libre" i.e. available under a license that has certain or
many copyright restrictions removed (usually also opensource).

Your list obviously contains commercial copyrighted fonts such as Minion
Pro or Myriad Pro that may be "gratis" (available free of charge) as
add-ins to a commercial (though also available free of charge)
application, i.e. Adobe Reader, but are certainly not "libre" since they
are bound by the license agreement of Adobe Reader.



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