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Sat Aug 22 23:57:46 CEST 2009

On Sat, Aug 22, 2009 at 10:15 PM, hh<hh-brasil at bol.com.br> wrote:
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> Look up \hbadress!
> hh

I think you meant to type \hbadness. :) This can be used to suppress
*underfull* box messages up to a certain badness level. To ignore
*overfull* boxes that are only slightly overfull, try \hfuzz. These
are both TeX primitives, see The TeXbook for details.

As for messages from individual LaTeX packages, I guess you're
dependent on the package to provide (or not) some means to control its

For the ultimate "silent" run, you could use TeX's \batchmode, but
that's probably too extreme for many situations... it will suppress
all terminal output, including errors that would normally stop
processing, and just continue blindly to the end.


(BTW, none of this is actually XeTeX-related; it's standard TeX and
LaTeX. As such, there are probably better places for the question,
such as comp.text.tex -- or I suspect a Google search for "latex
suppress overfull hbox message" would lead to some clues.)

>> 3) Is there some way to turn off msgs I'm not interested in?
>>     For example, "Overfull \hbox (1.52164pt too wide)" is probably
>>     not something I'm worried about, whereas "Overfull \hbox
>>     (14.22636pt too wide)" probably is.  Likewise I don't think I
>>     need to see "Package changebar: In vtryfc, page 168,
>>     \cb at pagecount=367" or "\d at lta=\count148" (from the overpic
>>     package)--or if I do, I don't know why.  And I would like
>>     to turn off almost all warnings the first two passes through
>>     xelatex, reserving them for the third pass (errors that stop
>>     processing are, of course, a different thing).
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