[XeTeX] Problem with the bidi package: chapter titles flushed right

Vafa Khalighi vafa at users.berlios.de
Wed Aug 19 17:47:31 CEST 2009

Thanks for reporting. Put this after loading bidi package and before

\newcommand\bidiraggedleft{\if at RTL\raggedright\else\raggedleft\fi}
\newcommand\bidiraggedright{\if at RTL\raggedleft\else\raggedright\fi}
  {\parindent \z@ \if at RTL\bidiraggedright\else \normalfont
    \ifnum \c at secnumdepth >\m at ne
        \huge\bfseries \@chapapp\space \thechapter
        \vskip 20\p@
    \Huge \bfseries #1\par\nobreak
    \vskip 40\p@
  {\parindent \z@ \bidiraggedright
    \Huge \bfseries  #1\par\nobreak
    \vskip 40\p@

Best Wishes,
Vafa Khalighi
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