[XeTeX] Marginpar problem

Nicolas Vaughan nivaca at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 05:19:27 CEST 2009

I recommend you to use the sidepar command, instead of the maginpar command.
It doesn't create the notes as floats, so you'll not have those problems.
Check the syntax and explanation in the Memoir manual.


On Sun, Aug 9, 2009 at 5:12 PM, David Perry <hospes.primus at verizon.net>wrote:

> I'm using memoir for a book with margin paragraphs and captions in the
> margin.  Gerrit is right about margin paragraphs being floats.
> 1) are there any other floats (tables, figures, whatever) that are not
> being placed and blocking subsequent floats/marginpars?
> 2) I find that I need to include the command \strictpagecheck at the
> beginning of the document; the memoir manual says this helps keep marginpars
> on the correct side (inner or outer margin) when using two-sided pages.
>  This is not exactly the problem you are having, but if LaTeX gets confused
> about which marginpars go where then it might think there was not enough
> room on a page, even though there really is.
> 3) despite 2), sometimes my marginpars end up on the wrong side, but
> running XeLaTeX a second (sometimes even third) time restores them (but you
> probably tried that).  LaTeX/memoir can definitely get out of synch with
> itself when putting things in the margin.
> Good luck --
> David
> Gerrit Glabbart wrote:
>> Am 09.08.2009 um 21:19 schrieb Gareth Hughes:
>>  Although this not exactly a XeTeX issue, I'd thought I'd ask first here.
>>> I'm setting an edited text in the memoir class with XeLaTeX and need to
>>> place small amounts of text (8 characters long) in the margins, at most
>>> two per page. I'm using the \marginpar command. All was working fine
>>> until I extended the text and got the error 'Too many unprocessed
>>> floats'. Of course, no minimal example is available for this. Can anyone
>>> tell me what might be going on, and how the situation might be resolved?
>> Are you aware of the marginnote package? Its manual says, in the very
>> first paragraph, that the \marginpar command "creates a special kind of
>> float", causing problems particularly with "regular" floats or footnotes,
>> for example. I'm guessing these special floats are the ones referred to in
>> the log. The marginnote package was written to solve some of float-related
>> problems of \marginpar, however, the author (M. Kohm, of KoMa-Script fame)
>> warns "there might be other problems" (which he doesn't specify). Still,
>> might be worth a try?
>> Good luck,
>> Gerrit.
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