[XeTeX] Res: small caps not searcheable

Fr. Michael Gilmary FrMichaelGilmary at MaroniteMonks.org
Tue Aug 4 18:35:09 CEST 2009

Jonathan Kew wrote:

> XeTeX and fontspec don't know anything about the PUA codes, they 
> simply apply the OpenType feature and use the resulting glyphs.
> The reason you see the small cap glyphs as PUA codes when you try to 
> search (or copy) in the PDF is that xdvipdfmx automatically creates a 
> CMAP resource, to provide the mapping from glyphs to Unicode 
> codepoints (otherwise they wouldn't be searchable/copyable at all). 
> But to create this, it (quite reasonably) relies primarily on the cmap 
> table of the font; and the font (quite wrongly) maps PUA codepoints to 
> these glyphs.

That harmonizes with results here using Garamond Premier Pro (v. 2.0) 
--- everything looks fine and prints fine, but copy/paste or searching 
small caps doesn't work. Thanks for the explanation, Jonathan. 

What's curious (for an ignoramus like me) is that Flavio's example of 
using simply \textit{Th} --- which is a ligature --- produces the warning:

> ** WARNING ** Unable to read OpenType/TrueType Unicode cmap table.
> ** WARNING ** Failed to load ToUnicode CMap for font "GaramondPremrPro-It"

But if I make it \textit{The}, there's no warning. In either case, the 
ligature isn't searchable in any viewer here (Skim, TeXShop's, 
Preview.app, Adobe Reader v. 8.1.2).

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