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Subject: CTAN package update: bidi

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Subject: CTAN package update: bidi
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Quoth the dante upload daemon:

 Name of contribution: bidi
 Version number: 1.0.3
 Author's name: Vafa Khalighi
 Location on CTAN: /macros/xetex/latex/bidi/
 Summary description: Support for bidirectional typesetting with XeLaTeX
 License type: lppl

 Announcement text:
 This version of the bidi package fixes few bugs that were
 present in v1.0.2 and adds full support for the hyperref
 package. We also have deleted bidimemoir class in this
 version and instead added support for the original memoir
 class, therefore you should be using memoir class instead
 using bidimemoir class.

 This package is located at
 .  More information is at

i've installed the new version, and updated the catalogue repository;
thanks for the upload.

users should note that the (limited) changes to the info in that last
link will actually appear overnight.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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