[XeTeX] The apprentice's response

Benct Philip Jonsson bpj at melroch.se
Tue Apr 21 19:12:37 CEST 2009

Arash Zeini skrev:
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>> Note that for (very) advanced type setting ConTeXt may be better. It more 
>> closely approximates a DTP program. I've seen examples of ConTeXt where a book 
>> was written in some very old Icelandic alphabet (fonts made with metafont / 
>> metapost, part of any latex distribution), but also incorporating folding pages 
>> of various sizes, and also "critical editions" where a text is being translated 
>> and the original and translation are set on the left and right page, where all 
>> the lines have to always correspond. It is really amazing what latex can do!
> If you happen to have some links or more information, I would be interested to know more about ConTeXt and critical editions. I have searched the net several times, but without any result.
> I am working on a critical edition using ledmac with xelatex.

Googling for "context tex critical editions" and some
poking around turned up this:


Which I sadly can't partake of because my speakers are broken...

IME googling for "latex tex" rather than "latex" increases
the chances of relevant hits.  The same seems true of "context".

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