[XeTeX] \listoftables, hyperref and xelatex

Arash Zeini azeini at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 21 15:57:43 CEST 2009

Hi All,

If I use a \cite{} command in the caption of a table with the \listoftables command:

\captionabove{Test Table \cite{Author_2007}}\label{table_Author}

I get the following message, when compiling my document with xelatex (TL 2008:

** WARNING ** Can't begin an annotation when one is pending.
** WARNING ** Interpreting special command bann (pdf:) failed.
** WARNING ** >> at page="2" position="(251.416, 663.853)" (in PDF)
** WARNING ** >> xxx "pdf:bann<</Type/Annot/Subtype/Link/Border[0 0 0]/C[0 1 0]/A<..."
** WARNING ** >> Reading special command stopped around >><</Type/Annot/Subtype/Link/Border[0 0 0]/C[0 1 0]/A<</S/GoTo...<<
** WARNING ** Tried to end an annotation without starting one!
** WARNING ** Interpreting special command eann (pdf:) failed.
** WARNING ** >> at page="2" position="(315.992, 663.853)" (in PDF)
** WARNING ** >> xxx "pdf:eann"

The entry in the "List of Tables" should point to two locations: to the table itself and to the entry in the bibliography. Apparently, the setting of the border for the hyperlink confuses hyperref. In the xelatex generated document the name of the author points to the table and only the date in the paranthesis points to the bibliography. The rest of the document seems to be alright.

All is fine if I use pdflatex. Then the caption up to the author's name points to the table and the author's name and year point to the bibliography and there is no error message during the compilation.

Am I doing something wrong? 



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