[XeTeX] t caron problem (gentium font?)

Václav Šmilauer eudoxos at arcig.cz
Sun Apr 19 07:43:14 CEST 2009

 > 1. You're using Gentium Basic, which is a fork of the Gentium project
 > that adds boldface to the Gentium fonts, but with much less glyphs
 > (Gentium proper doesn't have bold faces, only roman and italic).
 > These fonts do not contain the lowercase ť at all – although, for some
 > reason, they contain the uppercase Ť.

Thanks for this, I wasn't clearly aware of the Gentium vs. Gentium Basic 
difference. I tried with Gentium and it puts the accent correctly (in 
the attachment: latin modern, Gentium Basic, Gentium)

 > 2. Some package is trying to be smart and compose the character for
 > you, but in the absence of the glyph in the font, all it can do is
 > compose it from the plain Latin t and the combining caron. I don't
 > know what package does that in your case; if I try to reproduce your
 > problem, all I get is a blank box that indicates the absence of the
 > glyph, like Michael just said. I tried with xunicode and the latest
 > development version of fontspec, but got the same result.

I think it is a composed character at the input already, since I enter 
it from keyboard (dead key caron + t), and you're right, I also got 
empty square when using the glyph directly (pasted from unicode 
character browser, to make sure). That explains the difference.

Good, now I know I should ask upstream of Gentium Basic about the 
missing glyph :-) Thanks for your (Arthur, Jonathan, Michael, Ross) 
expert advice!

Cheers, Vaclav
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