[XeTeX] Is the apprentice's incompetence?

Peter Baker psb6m at virginia.edu
Fri Apr 17 17:45:20 CEST 2009

Andres Conrado Montoya wrote:
> Some kind of tutorial.
> Google was the first and obvious option, that finally guide me there,
> and give links to other manuals, but I start reading and feels like is
> supposed that I know at least how to write the base of a document
> (headers, how to start it, how to end it, etc.), but I don't know how
> to do it.
If you are taking the easier option and using XeLaTeX, what you're 
working with is basically LaTeX, and there are primers and tutorials 
around for it. See e.g. http://www.maths.tcd.ie/~dwilkins/LaTeXPrimer/. 
The relatively few differences involved in using XeTeX/XeLaTeX are 
covered in the documentation for XeTeX and Fontspec, and of course the 
XeTeX Companion at cern.ch/XML/lgc2/xetexmain.pdf.

For my part, I think there's nothing quite like a book for learning a 
computer language--or anything, for that matter. I learned LaTeX from 
Helmut Kopka and Patrick W. Daly, Guide to LaTeX. I thought it admirably 
clear, and with a good reference in the back. I still refer to my copy 
(though it's an obsolete edition) from time to time.


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