[XeTeX] Font calls in XeteX (2008 distribution)

John Was john.was at ntlworld.com
Tue Apr 14 22:48:39 CEST 2009


Having installed the 2008 distribution of XeTeX on a spare computer some time ago, I decided to go live with it this evening, and find that my font calls are not picking up instructions such as tex-text mapping.  Has the syntax changed?  Or, more easily perhaps, what is wrong with the following?

\font \umirninepointfive = MinionPro-Regular:+onum:mapping=tex-text:letterspace=1.5 at 9.5pt

I get error messages at the console, saying that : is not valid in a font name.

When using the 2007 distribution I used to specify the precise location of the font on my computer, thus:

\font \umirninepointfive = [d:/texfiles/outlfont/MinionPro-Regular]:+onum:mapping=tex-text:letterspace=1.5 at 9.5pt

This was discouraged, I think, by some users (and I was told that it might be part of the problem with calling PSTricks).  It likewise generated error messages at the console (this time complaining that [ is not allowed in a font).  But nevertheless I got valid output so I didn't treat the messagese as anything serious.  But now the output is incorrect:  I get ` and ' instead of true quotation marks, double hyphens instead of enrules, and the letterspacing isn't invoked (the font looks too cramped without some spacing).  So it appears that all the features I'm trying to invoke are being ignored.

I'm sure it's something simple but I haven't yet discovered what it is!  Help much appreciated.


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