[XeTeX] Polyglossia does not exist for Kannada - XeLaTex

Yves Codet ycodet at club-internet.fr
Sun Apr 12 11:24:40 CEST 2009


Le 12 avr. 09 à 10:20, Sreenivasa Guttal a écrit :

> Thanks. Kananda is very much like Sanskrit and it should be ok to  
> retain the hyphentation patterns for Sanskrit.
> I have created gloss-kannada.ldf like hindi/sanskrit. Do I need to  
> create hyphen-sa.tex also? I dont see such a thing done for hindi.

There are no Hindi hyphenation patterns in hyph-utf8 yet.

I suppose it would be better to create a separate hyphenation file  
for Kannada, even if it is a copy of part of hyph-sa.tex. All the  
more so that some rules, specific to Kannada, might prove necessary,  
for instance for words borrowed from foreign languages. Maybe Arthur  
and Mojca will be willing to integrate it to their package. According  
to their naming conventions, its name would be hyph-kn.tex (with the  
ISO code for Kannada).

> What do I need to do to enable hyphenation for kannada?

I am afraid I am unable to answer that question. Hyphenation patterns  
must be called somewhere in polyglossia.sty or hyphen_cfg (through  
language.dat), but I do not understand the code. There are many  
experts on this list who will be able to give you hints.

Best wishes,


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