[XeTeX] Faking an accent when that glyph is unavailable

Henry de Valence hdevalence at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 21:03:13 CEST 2009

On Thu April 9 2009 8:51:00 am David Perry wrote:
> Henry,
> Ross rightly pointed out the distinction between combining and spacing
> diacritics, and you do want to use the combining version U+030B.
> If you are lucky, the font has this character and the font maker has set
> things up so that the combining accent will appear correctly positioned
> over the o.  I just tried this in XeTeX with a font of this sort, and it
> worked perfectly.  I pasted the combining double acute from the
> clipboard, but you could use \char"030B also.  Try it and see what happens.
> If this doesn't work, then try the more complicated suggestions that
> other folks have given.
> David

Apparently this font doesn't have the combining version, only the spacing; why 
they would include one and not the other is a mystery to me. Anyways, I have 
had success using the \hungo command that places the spacing version atop the 
o manually.

It's less elegant, but it works.

Thanks for all the advice; it's great to be able to get help.


P.S.: XeLaTeX is really awesome (I'm sure you already know this, but I only 
discovered it recently).

> Henry de Valence wrote:
> > I'm writing a document using a font (Aldus LT Std) that doesn't contain
> > the character ő (U+0151, LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH DOUBLE ACUTE).
> >
> > However I need to use the name "Erdős", and I don't want to use just a
> > normal umlaut, because that would be wrong. I have already tried using
> > \H{o} and simply 'ő' in the source, but they don't work because the font
> > is missing that glyph. I found that the font does have a character for
> > just the accent (U+02DD), but I don't know how to get that character or
> > how to put it over top of the 'o'. Text-searchability isn't a big issue,
> > because I'm just going to print it anyways, so something that looks
> > roughly correct would work fine.
> >
> > I have tried the following:
> > Erdo\XeTeXglyph"02dd" s
> > but it just produces the following text:
> > Erdo!dd˝ s
> > which is clearly not what I want.
> >
> > If anyone knows of a way to fake this, advice would be welcome.
> > Thanks,
> > Henry de Valence
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