[XeTeX] Faking an accent when that glyph is unavailable

John Was john.was at ntlworld.com
Thu Apr 9 09:36:11 CEST 2009

Hello Henry

In such situtations I still find a use for ancient macros.  The following 
should superimpose the Hungarian double acute on the o.

Before you actually need it, give:

   \kern -0.5\wd0 \kern -0.5\wd1 \copy1 \kern -0.5\wd1 \kern 0.5\wd0}

Then define your 'o with Hungarian double acute' as follows:


And whenever you want this character just type \hungo:  so Erd{\hungo}s

(I personally prefer that visually to Erd\hungo s  - but Erd\hungo s will do 
it also.)  If you don't like '\hungo' just replace it with whatever you're 
comfortable with.

This is hamfisted (based on the old days when to get a thorn on the 
typewriter one used to type a p then backspace and type a b), but if you 
just want the printout to be right, it should be OK - assuming, of course, 
that 02DD really is in the font you are using!



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> I'm writing a document using a font (Aldus LT Std) that doesn't contain 
> the
> However I need to use the name "Erdős", and I don't want to use just a 
> normal
> umlaut, because that would be wrong. I have already tried using \H{o} and
> simply 'ő' in the source, but they don't work because the font is missing 
> that
> glyph. I found that the font does have a character for just the accent
> (U+02DD), but I don't know how to get that character or how to put it over 
> top
> of the 'o'. Text-searchability isn't a big issue, because I'm just going 
> to
> print it anyways, so something that looks roughly correct would work fine.
> I have tried the following:
> Erdo\XeTeXglyph"02dd" s
> but it just produces the following text:
> Erdo!dd˝ s
> which is clearly not what I want.
> If anyone knows of a way to fake this, advice would be welcome.
> Thanks,
> Henry de Valence
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