[XeTeX] Faking an accent when that glyph is unavailable

Alan Munn amunn at msu.edu
Thu Apr 9 04:54:05 CEST 2009

At 9:19 PM -0400 4/8/09, Henry de Valence wrote:
>I'm writing a document using a font (Aldus LT Std) that doesn't contain the
>However I need to use the name "Erd‘s", and I don't want to use just a normal
>umlaut, because that would be wrong. I have already tried using \H{o} and
>simply '‘' in the source, but they don't work because the font is missing that
>glyph. I found that the font does have a character for just the accent
>(U+02DD), but I don't know how to get that character or how to put it over top
>of the 'o'. Text-searchability isn't a big issue, because I'm just going to
>print it anyways, so something that looks roughly correct would work fine.
>I have tried the following:
>Erdo\XeTeXglyph"02dd" s
>but it just produces the following text:
>Erdo!dd› s
>which is clearly not what I want.

(Part of the problem above is that the hex 
letters are case sensitive, and \XeTeXglyph 
doesn't do what you think it does.  To select a 
character by its hex code, you need to use the 
\char command with the case sensitive hex code 
following one double quote (not enclosed.))

Try the following. (based on code suggested by 
Enrico Gregorio on comp.text.tex from a few years 


Erd\hungo s


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