[XeTeX] installing unicode-math

Ed Morehouse emorehouse at wesleyan.edu
Fri Sep 19 06:37:14 CEST 2008

i downloaded the files and put them in:


then added:

  \setmathfont{Asana Math}

to the preamble.  i definitely do have asana math on my system and it works fine
if i try to use it with fontspec.  but i don't have cambria math since, as i
understand, it's not freely available and i don't have a license for it.

when i try to typeset a minimal document, i get the error

  ! Font \zf at basefont="Cambria Math/ICU" at 10.0pt not loadable: Metric (TFM)
  file or installed font not found.
  \zf at preparse@Script ...\zf at suffix " at \f at size pt
  \edef \zf at family@long {\zf...

i'm not surprised that cambria math isn't found, but what i don't understand is
why xetex is looking for it since i am not trying to use it at all.

any help would be much appreciated.


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