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I don't know much about ednote, but when I look at your TeX-file, I
see that you're first loading ednotes, and after that you try to
modify the appearance by issuing manyfoot-commands directly: this is
not going to work. Ednotes uses manyfoot to regulate the footnote
apparatus, but the user should, or need not, be aware of this.

What you appear to want, can be achieved by loading only manyfoot and
lineno, and then declaring two footnote apparatus. I have attached
your modified file (it also fixes the line numbering to only number
the Arabic text, I placed it at the right margin, it seems to make
more sense for an Arabic text to me.)

If you do want to use ednotes (this is possible too), you can load the
ednotes package with \usepackage[Bplain,para*]{ednotes}, but then you
should refrain from the \DeclareFootnote commands, because ednotes
provides them automatically. Because of the way ednotes indexes the
notes (it does not place a mark in text, but puts the line numbers in
the footnote apparatus), it does not make sense not to number the
English text because footnotes will be hard to find (and it will give
errors). Perhaps this can all be done by specialised ednotes commands,
but I don't know enough about ednotes to do this...

It might be helpful to read the Tugboat article on ednotes if you plan
to use it further:

Finally, I have heard about ledmac, but have never used it with XeTeX,
I don't know whether it works at all, or mostly, but perhaps this
could be a helpful package, its documentation and examples are located
at: http://www.djdekker.net/ledmac/ , and it also provides some tools
to do parallel typesetting of critical editions.

I hope this helps,


On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 12:45 PM, Mohammad Gharaibeh
<mgharaib at uni-bonn.de> wrote:
> Dear all,
> i'am a new member, and my name is Mohammad Gharaibeh.
> with my Professor, Prof. E. Orthmann, we work on a edition of a arabic text
> from 10. century.
> therfore, we use arabxetex with ednote, but we still have some problems.
> we want to create an edition with two parallel facing pages, the arabic text
> and the english translation of it. for it, we need two independent footnote
> apparat, one in para-style and the other in plain-style. the linenumbering
> we want only for the arabic text.
> we already have some results with our trying with arabxetex and ednote, but
> the process still exited with errors and I don't know, what to do.
> moreover it will be nice if we cought use some features like overline in the
> edition wich have not worked untill now.
> in the attachment I send you our attempt.
> thanks
> mohammad
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