[XeTeX] Howto change captionlabels with Polyglossia and komascript

Ulrike Fischer news2 at nililand.de
Tue Oct 28 09:52:04 CET 2008

Am Tue, 28 Oct 2008 01:22:00 +0400 schrieb Alexey Kryukov:

>>> With the polyglossia package it doesn't work anymore. Does somebody
>>> know how to change the captionlabels when polyglossia is used? I
>>> work with the komascript class scrartcl.
>> I would try simply \renewcommand\figurename{Abb.}
> This will not work, because localized strings are redefined each time
> a language switching command is executed.

Yes, sorry I didn't thought about that. Try

\g at addto@macro\captionsgerman{\renewcommand\figurename{Abb.}}

Or copy the definition of \addto to your preamble:


(The difference between \addto and \g at addto@macro is that \addto defines
the command if it doesn't exist, \g at addto@macro gives an error in this

Ulrike Fischer 

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