[XeTeX] pstricks pst-math pst-plot and xelatex

Barry MacKichan barry.mackichan at mackichan.com
Tue Oct 28 02:04:42 CET 2008

I had 8.54. I upgraded to 8.63 (8.61 wasn't still available), and
upgraded my path, and I get the same result.

In the 8.54 bin directory, there was a ps.exe file. There is none in
8.63. I assume this means that xelatex is looking for gswin32.exe or


Peter Dyballa wrote:
> Am 27.10.2008 um 22:16 schrieb Barry MacKichan:
>>  `pstricks-add' v3.08, 2008/08/06 (dr,hv)
> This is my version, too. As you show the error happens when xdvipdfmx
> calls a PostScript interpreter to convert PSTricks' PS code. Which
> PostScript interpreter are you using and which version is it?
> I am using Ghostscript 8.61.
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