[XeTeX] XeTeX fails to notice smcp feature?

Ross A. Laird ross at rosslaird.info
Tue Oct 21 06:45:45 CEST 2008

Jonathan Kew <jonathan at jfkew.plus.com> writes:

> Could it be that you have multiple versions of the font installed  
> (e.g., an older Type 1 or TrueType font that doesn't have OpenType  
> features, in addition to the newer OTF font)? If so, it can be  
> difficult to predict which xetex will find and use.
> What is the complete report you get from OpenType-info.tex for this  
> font?

Thanks for the followup, Jonathan. I may indeed have multiple versions,
as follows:


The above is a listing of "locate serlio". Below is what fc-list

Serlio LT Std:style=Regular

Just the one entry. OpenType-info.tex shows a single entry for LATN,
without the caps.

I don't know enough about fonts in tex to know if the above might be
causing the problem. But all the versions above were installed from
using lcdftypetools (the otfinst.py script that automates the install).
So, maybe the otfinst versions were created without the small caps
features. I don't know how to check this. Suggestions welcome. But as I
look at the list above, I notice that the actual .otf file is not listed, and
it does not appear, in ~/.fonts. That may be the root of the whole issue!
I could try putting it there, but then I will certainly have multiple
versions... Suggestions welcome.



Ross A. Laird, PhD

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