[XeTeX] TeXLive 2008, XeLaTeX and \pstextpath

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Sun Oct 19 15:27:27 CEST 2008

--- Anas Ghrab <anas.ghrab at saramusik.org> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I was glad to see tha pstricks works now with
> XeLaTeX. But I get  
> errors when I use the pst-text package, even without
> using pstricks.  

Well, ost-text loads pstricks anyway,

As a programming language, PDF is static in contrast to
which is dynamic.  Especially, you cannot redefine
operators, and in order to implement something like
the placement -- locations and angles -- of glyphs must be
either by
 - TeX macros;
 - PS->PDF distiller;
 - DVI driver.
For the first option, you may consult with the Tikz/PGF
For the second, I don't have skill to write PS code to
load disk
fonts to PS interpreters in a portable way.  So feel free
implement it yourself.
For the third, I don't have time right now, so either wait
(possibly forever), or implement it yourself.

> ---
> Anas Ghrab


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