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>   Hi,
> Thanks for all the great work on XeTeX. I'm trying
> to use fonts whichare just dark around the edges of
> the letters (such as Forgotten Futurist Shadow,
> KacstTitleLGyneric 3D BRK, LucidType B Outline BRK,
> Unanimous BRK)  oftencalled outline in their names.
> I'm trying to make them opaque coloursinside the
> outline, so they show clearly over an image for a
> titlepage. Any ideas? Or are there fonts with
> coloured insides which Ishould use?
> I've tried googling, found info about tikz package
> and perhaps settingextra font features, or lower
> level pdf commands, but haven't got theseto work. 
> Thanks in advance,
> Arthur

You can use PDF text rendering mode operator.


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