[XeTeX] XeTeX fails to notice smcp feature?

Ross A. Laird ross at rosslaird.info
Sun Oct 19 03:09:25 CEST 2008

Hi Michael;

Actually, if I use a font (like Brioso Pro) that shows small caps for
various languages as reported by OpenType-info.tex, I don't need that
extra line:

> \newcommand{\smallcaps}[1]{{\fontspec{Serlio LT Std:+smcp}#1}}

XeTex picks up the font automatically (at least on my system). The
trouble is that otfinfo reports Serlio as having small caps, but
OpenType-info.tex reports that Serlio does not have small caps. I have
no idea why this would be, or how to fix it.



Ross A. Laird, PhD

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