[XeTeX] OK, got it...

Ross A. Laird ross at rosslaird.info
Sun Oct 19 02:28:31 CEST 2008

Ross Moore <ross at ics.mq.edu.au> writes:

> Try the example unmodified using  xetex  instead of  xelatex ;
> that should work just fine.

Indeed it does!

> I cannot tell from your postings which OS you use (Linux, Mac OS,
> Windows, etc.) nor which TeX front-end software you use.

Ubuntu Linux, Emacs/Auctex (with XeTeX engine). So, I use a shell
command for xetex, or I run it from a terminal (xelatex runs from within
Auctex, which in this case was part of my problem when trying to compile
these files).

Thanks for the help.



Ross A. Laird, PhD

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