[XeTeX] OK, got it...

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Sun Oct 19 02:07:03 CEST 2008

Hello Ross,

On 19/10/2008, at 10:19 AM, Ross A. Laird wrote:

> I mucked around in OpenType-info.tex a bit (changing fonts, removing
> commands that halted xetex) and I managed to get a working file. It
> seems (for other xetex neophytes who might have this problem) that you
> have to (and this is probably not the correct way) take the text  
> from the file
> and place it in a xetex document with all the regular tags (like begin
> and end).

Those examples were presumably designed for Plain TeX, rather than  
LaTeX undefines a few things Plain, since the same effect is better
achieved in a different way, more consistent with the overall
structure of a document.

\nopagenumbers   is one such macro that isn't supported by LaTeX, ...

> I also had to take out \bye.

  ... and so is \bye .

> Anyway, a sloppy workaround no doubt; but it (sort of) works.

Try the example unmodified using  xetex  instead of  xelatex ;
that should work just fine.

I cannot tell from your postings which OS you use (Linux, Mac OS,
Windows, etc.) nor which TeX front-end software you use.
But whatever it is, there should be an easy way to run using
Plain (Xe)TeX, rather than (Xe)LaTeX.

> Cheers.
> Ross
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> Ross A. Laird, PhD
> www.rosslaird.info

Hope this helps,


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