[XeTeX] Basic query re sample tex/xetex files

Ross A. Laird ross at rosslaird.info
Sun Oct 19 01:01:33 CEST 2008

I apologize if this question is too basic, but I googled around and
couldn't find anything I could use. So:

There are various files in the Sample directory. These have interesting
titles such as OpenType-info.tex and testfontavailability.tex. But when
I try to run xetex or latex on these, I get all kinds of errors.
OpenType-info.tex, for example, halts here:

! Undefined control sequence.
l.8 \nopagenumbers
                   \rightskip=0pt plus 1fil

This is right near the beginning. So, I've concluded that there is
something I must do to this file to make it run (like change the font,
though I do have Adobe Garamond Pro on my system, which is shown in the
file). But when I do change the font, xetex says it can't find the font.
So, I'm a bit stuck. I wonder if someone would be willing to help me out
a bit; say, by posting an example using a font such as Adobe Jenson Pro,
which is on my system and which works with xetex in other tex documents
(so, I already know that Adobe Jenson Pro works with xetex on my

Apologies again: I'm not a texpert.



Ross A. Laird, PhD

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