[XeTeX] Font selection

Jonathan Kew jonathan at jfkew.plus.com
Sun Oct 12 22:37:07 CEST 2008

On 12 Oct 2008, at 5:50 AM, Ross A. Laird wrote:

> This is probably an absurdly simple question to answer, so apologies  
> in
> advance.

It's not always as simple as we might wish! It may depend on how the  
font developer has implemented naming within the various faces of the  

> But here's the situation: I want to use a certain Adobe Jenson
> typeface variant, which is listed by fc-list as:
> Adobe Jenson Pro,Adobe Jenson Pro Subh:style=Bold Subhead,Bold
> (the above-referenced typeface is AJensonPro-BoldSubh.otf)
> I can use "Adobe Jenson Pro" with fontspec, but when I add the "Subh,"
> it doesn't work. So:
> \renewcommand{\LettrineFontHook}{\fontspec{Adobe Jenson Pro}}
> %the above command works perfectly
> \renewcommand{\LettrineFontHook}{\fontspec{Adobe Jenson Pro Subh}}
> %the above command does not work (substitutes cm)

I don't have the full Jenson Pro opticals, so I can't check any of  
this myself. But here are some possible names that might work:

   "Adobe Jenson Pro-Bold Subhead"  % ie. FamilyName-StyleName, using  
the primary names shown above
   "AJensonPro-BoldSubh" % I'm guessing this is the PostScript font  
name, probably matching the filename
   "Adobe Jenson Pro/B/S=14" % requesting bold style and 14pt optical  
size (which should map to Subhead, I expect)

Actually, if you simply say use "Adobe Jenson Pro", you should get the  
Subhead face at sizes where the optical-size feature in the family  
says that this is appropriate. To find out what you're really getting,  
you can examine the fonts used in the resulting PDF (with Properties  
in Adobe Reader, or other tools), or you can put
   \message{Using font \fontname\font}
at an appropriate place in your document (where the relevant font is  
current), and see what it reports.


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